Working Groups

Working groups may be established by the Council to address specific tasks or issues. The IGC Secretariat provides direction and guidance to working groups established by the Council. It is understood that any working group that is established will be accountable to the Council. For greater certainty, working groups do not have any decision-making authority.

The following Working Groups were established in 2015:

Aboriginal Government Capacity Working Group

The Aboriginal Government Capacity Working Group was established to make recommendations to the Intergovernmental Council on:

  • Options for building land and resource-related capacity in Aboriginal governments
  • Options for building overall capacity in Aboriginal governments


Finance Working Group

The Finance Working Group was established to make recommendations about the Northwest Territories Intergovernmental Resource Revenue Sharing Agreement. Specifically, the implementation of section 5.1 and 5.3 of the Resource Revenue Sharing Agreement.


Impact Benefit Agreement/Plans Working Group

The Impact Benefit Agreement/Plans Working Group will undertake research to identify and assess options for the establishment of legislative requirements for proponents who intend to undertake resource development activities in the NWT to enter into negotiations for benefit plans with the affected Aboriginal groups.  This Working Group would provide a report setting out its findings and recommendations to the IGC Secretariat for its consideration.